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Seacrets Inspirations Red Wine Vinegar Aromatic With Herbs 250 ml


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Natural aromatic red wine vinegar

we mixed red wine vinegar with aromatic rosemary, bay leaves and red pepper plant

Unique aroma, rich and vibrant color

Just a few drops are enough to magically enhance the simplest ingredients into super flavorful dishes.

Ιdeal dressing for salads, chicken, pork, grilled or fish.
Available in glass bottle of : 250ml e 8.45 Fl.oz Net content

Acidity 6%

Greek Product

Vinegar is the most popular of the flavorings used in gastronomy and the oldest known use of it dates back to about 10,000 years ago.
There are reports of the use of vinegar from the Babylonians, the Egyptians, Hippocrates, the Chinese until today.
The Greeks used it extensively in cooking and seem to have been the first to distinguish differences
in quality according to place of origin.

The word “Vinegar” comes from the oxidative diminutive of the word acid.
It is an acidic liquid that comes from the fermentation of wine ethanol and ethanoic acid,
without the addition of sugar and with the help of some useful bacteria.

The use of vinegar for therapeutic purposes has long been known as it has antimicrobial,
antioxidant and antihypertensive action. It also helps treat obesity, osteoporosis (increases calcium absorption),
iron levels (increases non-absorption) brain function.


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